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Company Profile

Orbet Express International Transportation Co. Ltd.is a Shenzhen based company. We combineunique capabilities to meet our customers’ needs. We offer a full portfolio ofvalue added logistics services on a regional or national level, includinglogistics design, re-engineering and management expertise, information systems,inventory management, warehousing and transportation services, promotional Packaging, and SupplyChain Management.

Working in partnership withsome of the well-developed, reliable companies in the country, in allprovincial capital cities and major cities, we have developed national wideexperience in supply chain management.

Orbet Express focuses on project management, ourgoal is to work with customer to fulfill their logistics needs in terms ofreducing their cost and improving their product performance and distributionefficiency. To achieve this, we mange to organize tailor made solutions,coordinate among different logistics resources.

Our BusinessPhilosophy

People is our most valuable assets, we focus ontraining, empower our employees in turn offer quality service to our customer.We aim to have 100% satisfaction from every single business transaction we offerto customer. We believe with this foundation, we therefore make reasonableprofit. In turn we re-invest on people, to further enhance our quality. Qualityequals productivity, reduce human error to zero defect is our quality goal.

Our Commitment

OrbetExpress commits to offer safe, time definite, economy but high quality serviceto our customer. Our ultimate goal is continuously improve customersatisfaction. We implement straight quality measurement over all areas of ouroperations including, Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Customs Clearance,Inventory/Warehouse Management and Transportation.

Our Goal

To differentiate Orbet Express in logisticsindustry by adopting innovative business idea, fulfill customers’ ever changingneeds. We aim to customer satisfaction in every single transaction.