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Why Orbet
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We ask ourselves daily “Why Orbet?”and honestly our answer is simple; relationships. Relationships within ourteam, customers, drivers, carriers, vendors and everyone we come in contactwith. Relationships are the foundation of any successful team or organizationand it is something we have learned to value most. Our great relationships arewhat has brought us to where we are, they are taking us to where we want to goand it has even opened the door to areas we thought weren’t even possible. We havefound that great relationships transcend every aspect of our business and it istruly the key to the ultimate Orbet customer service experience.

We believe it is ourunrelenting dedication to building relationships that give us the “Why” factor.Valuing you and your customer’s as well as our partnerships with drivers andcarriers from across North America to Canada is ultimately what positionsyou and your customers for transportation and logistical capacity anywhereanytime.

As your freight is what makesyour company unique in the marketplace what makes us unique is our diverse andauthentic team of professionals whose value is you. And, it all stems fromrelationships.

At Orbet our value is you.Serving you honest, upfront communication with integrity and respect whileproviding you the absolute best in Transportation and LogisticalServices with the absolute best in professional customer service is the“Why” factor and it’s sincerely more than words. It’s our promise.



Satisfy our customers’ salescoverage.

Reduced transportation cost bymanaging multi-modal transportation resources for customer

Reduce customer administrationcost, better allocation of management resources.

Satisfy customer sales cycleand filling the gap between production and sales conflict

Expand customer base, improveoverall service level at the same time reduce cost and provide the mostsuitable, high efficient logistics working platform.

Orbet Express sincere wish tobe not only your 3rd party logistics service provider but also be yourstrategic partner in your global business expansion. In order to improvecustomer satisfaction, improve performance at the same time reduce cost. Welook forward to having your cooperation. Let’s work together to develop yourinternational market.